Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There's nothing like rigging your jeans closed with a hair tie in the button hole to really make you feel pregnant. 


That was pretty much my highlight of the day.  Or lowlight, depending on how you see it.  Or maybe it was at the playground with Lauren today when an older grandfatherly fellow decided he was going to pluck Lauren right off the slide for going down head first. Apparently he gets to be playground ranger for the day. I suppose we were a bother to him anyway being that we were all by ourselves on a secluded part of the park in the shade. Me and my tiny toddler who is just now really getting the hang of being a two-legged creature.  You know, all alone so she could be safe on the big girl playground. I guess we were quite a bother to his precious grandchildren too when they came storming up and pushed Lauren out of their way. Really I don't understand how to get along with folks like that so I just left before I had the urge to throw cheez-it crackers in his "general" direction. Original flavor of course.

We did get some pictures at the park before we kindly excused ourselves so the heathens could play in peace.

Stay honest,

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