Monday, July 25, 2011

Number 2

Here I go doing this all over again. Pregnancy.  Cue the dun dun dun music.

 I vowed to keep up with the blogging throughout Lauren's first year and with all crap that entails raising a newborn to infant to toddler...well you try it.  So this time we're going to have our hands full... literally full, with children. This will be two babies under the age of 2.  Thats two carseats, two sets of mouths to feed, two strollers, two cribs, two crying, whining, pooping, screaming, demanding little darlings all the live long day. That also means two college funds, and two kids telling me what they want and need and must have right now- right now- right now- to keep up with the Joneses.  Oh those Joneses are going to get an earfull from this mama as soon as i have to play the 2016 version of who can buy the most Big Time Rush memoribilia. If your last name is Jones, steer clear of me till this blows over please. Its for your own saftey.

Raising one kid is hard enough so this is going to be quite a sleepless challenging next 19 years of my life. I love being a mother. It brings me the most joy I could have ever wanted out of life. That little girl smiles and my heart skips a beat. So after I take my heart meds and she goes down for a nap, I have the most wonderful memories being that I can block out all the annoying whining this kid tends to do.  Now she doesnt always whine but it's getting more and more frequent with her stubborn refusal to speak.  She's 13 months and I havent heard one actual meaningful word from this child.  Its all "ahhhhhhhhhhhh's". Although her "ahh's" are endearing and lovely, it's getting a bit old and I am quietly counting down the days, minutes, seconds till this kid can say "snack" and i will breathe a sigh of relief and give her an entire truckload of snacks to show her how pleased I am that she didn't ask for some "ahhhhh" again.  It's very hard to cook a healthy and delicious meal of sauteed "ahhh" with a side of "ahhh" when you are puking all the time from this bundle of fun in your belly. My record number of pukes in one day with Lauren was seven.  This new kiddo has made it to five. I'm sure everyone will tell me this means it will be a boy since I am less sick. But really, I've been taking much more zofran this time because it's very difficult to hold it in while reading Goodnight Moon six times in a row so I am all about the prevention.

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